Craft Beer

Bottle fermentation / natural CO² / dry hoping

Our beers are hoppy, mostly top-fermented craft beers, which go back to their own recipes. Unlike many other breweries, we make an additional bottle fermentation, which we believe creates even more flavors. The resulting carbon dioxide is natural and soft and much easier to digest than induced carbon dioxide.

The beers are dry hoped and bottled unfiltered, which can form a sediment. Common to all varieties is the careful selection of ingredients, many of them organic, and the slow ripening period.

Our main brews are:

Drachen Pils – a strikingly different Pils, bottom-fermented brewed with a little Cara Teak and mainly Pilsner malt and the finest Saaz hops. It has a dark color, tastes caramel-like, slightly malty and is a little less lean than a common Pilsner from Germany or the Czech Republic.

Drachen Hell – is a craft beer for beginners, unfiltered like all our beers, it is very similar to Märzen, but it has a pleasant dragon twist and is full-bodied and very tasty.

Drachen Weizen – is a dark wheat beer with little alcohol (3.6%), great banana aroma with very light cloves shimmering through.

Unsere speziellen Ales sind:

Dragon Ale – is a body-hugging golden beer with fruity hop notes and well-integrated natural carbon dioxide.

Dragon IPA – our premium IPA stands for the courage to take risks. Some times it is a single hop, then another time a fruity aroma hop storm. A hoppy beer to withstand the hardship of the kite on rough nights.

Dragon Porter – is our understanding of a historically incisive beer style that has only found its meaning again through the craft beer scene. As a dark, very malty top-fermented beer, it is of particular relevance for us in the Drachenland as our strong beer. In addition to bitter hops, aroma hops are also used, especially in dry hoping.

In addition we have also some seasonal beers:

  • Elderflower Beer
  • Hemp Beer
  • Dragon Fly